A faculty librarian is assigned to serve as a liaison to each of the disciplines at Metropolitan State University. We invite faculty members to contact their departmental liaisons with any library questions. Liaison librarians will seek to meet with department faculty at least annually to discuss the current state of library services, what materials need to be acquired, and how we can improve our services to faculty and students.

College or School Department/Center/Discipline Liaison
College of Community Studies and Public Affairs (CCSPA) School of Criminology and Criminal Justice Alec Sonsteby
  Human Services Christine Larson
  Psychology Michelle Filkins
  MPNA/MAPL Ruth Zietlow
  Social Work Christine Larson
College of Liberal Arts (CLA) Professional Communication Ruth Zietlow
  Writing, Literature, and Language Michelle Filkins
  Technical Communication and Interaction Design Ruth Zietlow
  Fine Arts Christine Larson (AY 23-24)
  Social Science Christine Larson
  History Jennifer DeJonghe (AY 23-24)
  Ethnic and Religious Studies Alec Sonsteby (AY 23-24)
  Philosophy Christine Larson
  Liberal Studies Jennifer DeJonghe
  Gender Studies Christine Larson
College of Management (COM) Accounting Alec Sonsteby
  Economics and Finance Alec Sonsteby
  Management, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource
Management, DBA program
Ruth Zietlow
  Marketing, Supply Chain & Operations Management, Business Law,
International Business
Ruth Zietlow
  Management Information Systems (MIS) Alec Sonsteby
College of Individualized Studies (CIS) Individualized Studies Christine Larson (AY 23-24)
College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CNHS) Nursing Jennifer DeJonghe
  Dental Hygiene Jennifer DeJonghe
College of Sciences (COS) Computer Science and Cybersecurity Alec Sonsteby
  Mathematics and Statistics Alec Sonsteby
  Natural Sciences Jennifer DeJonghe
School of Urban Education (UED) Education Michelle Filkins (AY 23-24)
Center for Educational Innovation (CEI) Center for Faculty Development (CFD) Alec Sonsteby
  Transformation and Reentry through Education and Community (TREC) Ruth Zietlow (AY 23-24)
Institutional Effectiveness and Technology (IET) Institutional Effectiveness and Technology (IET) Becca Peters
Student Success Career Services Jennifer DeJonghe
  Center for Accessibility Resources (CAR) Christine Larson

Contact Information

LibrarianEmail AddressPhone
Jennifer DeJonghejennifer.dejonghe@metrostate.edu651.793.1626
Michelle Filkinsmichelle.filkins@metrostate.edu651.793.1621
Christine Larsonchristine.larson@metrostate.edu651.793.1630
Kat McLarnkatriel.mclarn@metrostate.edu651.793.1685
Becca Petersbecca.peters@metrostate.edu651.793.1619
Alec Sonsteby (department chair)alec.sonsteby@metrostate.edu651.793.1636
Dawn Wing (sabbatical AY 23-24)dawn.wing@metrostate.edu651.793.1851
Ruth Zietlowruth.zietlow@metrostate.edu651.793.1633