Archives and Special Collections Access

The Archives and Special Collections are available to students, faculty, staff, and all members of the community for research purposes. Metro State University Library intends to use these policies to ensure the preservation and future accessibility of ASC materials.

Patron Access Policies

  1. Due to faculty and staff limitations, ASC is accessible via appointment only. Appointment requests can be sent to
  2. Researchers must be supervised and assisted at all times and without exception. Faculty, staff, and student workers can all supervise and assist researchers from the processing desk at the back of the room.
  3. Until the university can hire a University Archivist, supervisors would be selected on a case-by-case, volunteer basis, or (for student workers) as assigned.

Room Policies

  1. Food and beverages, including beverages with lids, are not allowed in the ASC room under any circumstances.
  2. The ASC room prioritizes archival research and archival processing over all other permitted uses of the space. A researcher cannot be rescheduled to accommodate a non-research use of the space.
  3. If no researcher is scheduled, the room can be used for meetings, interviews, and group or project work, provided that:
    • the room returns to its original condition at the end of the scheduled use (multi-day uses that change the room’s condition are not permitted);
    • the use does not require glue, glitter, or other craft-related materials that can create a mess.

Computer Policies

  1. The primary purpose of the ASC room computer is for maintaining ASC resources.
  2. The computer can be used for other uses (eg. during a meeting) if no researcher is scheduled to use the room and until the library finds an alternative location for an all-staff work computer.
  3. The computer can be used for any purpose when faculty or staff are supervising a researcher.

Approved: CLS, Library Dean, April 2016