Loan Policy

Borrowing materials

For information on how to check materials out, how long you can keep them, and how to renew, see Checkouts and renewals.

Overdue materials

You are responsible for returning or renewing your books by the due dates, which are available by logging into your library account. Notices are sent by email and are a courtesy. 

Metro State University Library does not charge daily fines for any materials. If a library item you’ve borrowed becomes overdue, you will receive email notices. After 30 days, a Bill for Replacement is issued.

Following billing that totals more than $110, holds may be placed on your library and student records, preventing you from using some Library resources, registering for classes, or receiving grades and transcripts. If all billed items are returned in good condition within 30 days of the bill being issued, replacement charges will be cancelled and holds will be removed from your Library and student records.

Replacement of lost or damaged materials

If you lose or damage library materials, we ask that you pay for or provide a replacement.

If you choose to provide a replacement copy for a lost or damaged item:

  • It must be a new or used copy in very good condition.
  • It must be the exact same item as the one lost or damaged.
  • Library staff can help you locate a replacement copy, but you will need to purchase that copy and deliver it to the library.

If you choose to pay for a lost or damaged item:

  • You must pay the replacement fee by cash or check, in person, at the Circulation Desk on the second floor of the Library and Learning Center.

Once the replacement fee is paid or a replacement copy is given to the library, related holds will be removed from your record.

Replacement fees

ItemReplacement Cost
Interlibrary loans$55 minimum replacement cost (determined by the lending library)
Print journalsNone
Study roomsN/A
DVDs and CDs$100, or replacement cost
LaptopsRepair cost not to exceed $200 or replacement cost not to exceed $1,200.
CamerasReplacement cost
Voice recordersReplacement cost
CalculatorsReplacement cost

We’re happy to work with you to resolve any problems. Please come talk to us at the Circulation Desk, call (651) 793-1624, or email us at