Library classes

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INFS 115 Information Access

The faculty librarians at Metropolitan State University teach multiple sections of Information Studies 115 each semester. Students earn two GELS credits for the eight week course that covers the basics of library research, source evaluation, critical thinking, Web searching, and citations. Students frequently report that this class is extremely valuable and makes the research process much easier and more effective for future classes.

INFS 315 Searching for Information

This course, taught by faculty members from library as well as other disciplines, is offered in multiple sections each semester. Students with a basic foundation of research skills are able expand, refine, and hone their skills as well as study a variety of topics related to information, and how these issues impact our society and the world. Some sections of this course are taught with a special topic; please see a librarian for more information.

Minor: Research and Information Studies

INFS 315 is a part of the Research and Information Studies minor. Read about the other courses that comprise this minor and declare a Research and Information Studies minor today!

Classroom visits

The librarians may be able to provide in-class presentations or instruction for courses, although this is limited to specific research courses within each major. For more information, faculty members can consult the library liaison for their discipline. See faculty resources page.